NITRON mono shock R3 series - Kawasaki ZX-25R


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2WAY (low speed / high speed) for compression and 1WAY for rebound. In addition, a 3-way damper adjustment system is standard equipment. The 2-way compression adjuster makes it possible to achieve both traction in the low speed range where it is difficult to apply a load and stability in the high speed range where a large load is applied, and responds to the detailed demands of riders for all purposes and levels from street to race use. In addition, these 3-way adjusters are Nitron's unique system, which adopts a completely independent system that does not affect other adjuster areas, allowing precise and wide adjustment. An adjuster for vehicle height adjustment is also standard equipment on all models. (Excludes some models) Nitron's top-of-the-range model fully equipped with dampers, springs, vehicle height and shock adjustment system.

- Independence adjuster 3Way

- Compression High/16click

- Compression Low/18click

- Rebound/24click

- Preload Adjuster

- Full Alloy Body

- Outside type Resirvoir Tank

- Height Adjuster

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